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Count my vote in for making this a sticky! It has all the useful links to make the Step 1 ride a li'l less painful grin Thanks Paheli, bioguy and to all those who contributed!




bioguy wrote:
i don't understand why this thread is not sticky, but the "kaplan is not enough" thread which is only a discussion (mostly personal) has become sticky!!

shockedshaking headmad oh no that kaplan one , any how this one should be definately sticky , if not , well just have to save for self friends, we have no choice.

All webs are hard to find when u need to see, thanks ron , for ur genious creation of this one.
Folks keep on coming with good one .

Also the correction for First Aids 2007 & Rapid Review path by Dr. E. Goljan links are hard to find when needed .

GL nodcoolnod

Edited by ShweHope99.9998 on Oct 23, 2007 - 7:28 PM






This will be off-context.
The above site is for PDA lovers
Contains concise info for Clincal Examination (for CS maybe)
and also an offline webbrowser for PDA called 'Plucker'
(mods, feel free to delete this post if it doesn't fit)


I thought this one is going to already sticky, let's vote for itnod

PHL , do something , to make this sticky.wink


i did this:

paheli wrote:
can we pleeeease pin this up?? it's so darn hard to pull it up when required. also, no contributions coming forth due to poor accessibility.

thank you.


and this:

paheli wrote:



AND this:

paheli wrote:
wassup, guys?? nobody wants this as a sticky???? what happened to all the uber-enthusiasm we had when this idea was introduced??confused now, no members supporting, no mods listening........this was just an initiative to make this prep process easier for us and to make our forum better. if i'm the only one who wants this, then there's not much [more] that i can do.

anybody who WANTS this PINNED, SPEAK UPPP!!!mad

am not sure what else i can do. i've recently linked this thread to my journal for my convienience. everyone is welcome to use it, if it's easier.


Thanks PHL, will sure do, thanks for allowing us , this is best way .
Then may be mod, admin see that is too much space taking when we all link this to our journal then this will become sticky .wink


Good link (albeit simplified) with animations to understand actions of extraocular muscles of the eye:


I believe we can do it.nod

You are not alonenod

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chococat_3.gif (27 KB, 27 downloads)

gr8 job paheli .we r with u,will vote 4 gettin it pinned.






thank u so much that is greaaaaaaaaaaaat


great images for those who struggle with gross anat.


nice one where both CVS parmacology and pertinent physiology can be found at one place. the best thing i like about this website is the hyperlinks that can instantly lead you to "concepts behind the concepts"!!!!! works great for me because i don't have time to refer to bigger textbooks for basics (which ofcourse is non-existent in my old brain)



awesome collection of hematology slides

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