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 step 1 links  

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this thread is meant for those who know of a great thread that has benefitted their prep, that they wish to share, and for those who are looking for an online resource to complement their prep. do leave a word or two about what subject/topic this link is concerned with to make it easier while searching for something specific. please don't forget to paste the link!!

thanks for contributing!smiling face

Edited by paheli on Sep 10, 2007 - 11:16 PM


Website link is:

To be able to use it in the best way, you must do the same as this example:

For example, if you want to use CNS topics,

Click on CNS folder

Only click on files with html exention, for example, in CNS file, there are








I cannot endorse these websites because I myself have not been to most of them. Sorry for being disorganized. Please help yourself!!!!


Genetics :

Embryology :

Micro & Immuno :


biochem - lac operon. the site also contains some other good biochemistry and molecular biology animations.

thanks to nnl for the link.



Molecular Biology Animations: (extremely useful to visualize and understand Mol Bio)

NeuroAnatomy: Vertebrae + Nerve supply of organs:


You may find some useful links there.



gross anatomy sites:

images and animations arranged system-wise:

gray's anatomy of the human body:


how come nobody added this here???

EXCELLENT site for path. A MUST before taking the test!


can we pleeeease pin this up?? it's so darn hard to pull it up when required. also, no contributions coming forth due to poor accessibility.

thank you.


paheli wrote:
how come nobody added this here???

EXCELLENT site for path. A MUST before taking the test!

its hiding in the huge list that i posted grin


i'm sorry, bioguy! can i let my repeat post stay?



wassup, guys?? nobody wants this as a sticky???? what happened to all the uber-enthusiasm we had when this idea was introduced??confused now, no members supporting, no mods listening........this was just an initiative to make this prep process easier for us and to make our forum better. if i'm the only one who wants this, then there's not much [more] that i can do.

anybody who WANTS this PINNED, SPEAK UPPP!!!mad


i don't understand why this thread is not sticky, but the "kaplan is not enough" thread which is only a discussion (mostly personal) has become sticky!!


hey paheli..

great job... its a really helpful thread... what excatly has to be done to make this sticky... sorry still not sure of how everything works here...


hey dechu. well, basically, it works pretty much like a democracy here. if something is liked/wanted, members, like you and bioguy for instance, speak up for it. and when there is sufficient demand, it gets done [pinned in this case]. it's that simple.

am glad it's helped you.smiling face do contribute when you can.



oh ok.. ill be rooting for this one then.. hey just went by your journal.. soo inspiring.. keep up the good work.. nov end right.. besto for that..smiling face

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