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 switching from step 2 to 1  

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Hi good people,I had been studying for step2 for over amonth or so.Finally I am reaching the decision that I should take step 1 first.I tried to avoid it but I think it makes more sense as advised by friends at step 2 forum .You all seem to be very helpful.Cud anyone advice me how to start it.what shud be my stretegy.I am completely lost.I am an old grad(10+yrs) plus I am a full time Mom.I can study 4-5 hrs/day.Anybody please adice and help me get started.Esp I wud like to hear from old grads like me who are studying or have passed step 1.I am realy confused and lost.Honestly I am hating my life these days .It is so hard and confusing.Plz help B4 I give up.Thanxxxxx
Mid Dec we have plaaned a family trip for 3-4 weeks.I s it possible to get done with the test by then.What should be my stetegy.I am so confused and stressed out.


Cheer up!
Step 1 was a lot easier for me than Step 2. I was in the same situation like you last year when I took the step 1: old graduate, not too many knowledge about basic sciences, not quite decided about which step should I take first. Well, I took the step 1 with only 3 months fo study and I did well.
You can see a list of what adn how I studied at this link. Hope we'll have more entries at that page.



Don't give up Hamidi!
If you concentrate and understand whatever you are reading and do couple of thousands of questions it is more likely to pass the exam.


I appreciate u sparing momemts from ur valueable time to help me out. As u said u were in the same situation, do u mind giving me a detail stretegy .How did u get started and what books did u use and so on I will rwlly appeciate u and pray for u .That wud be a good help and push for me to get started.Thanks .We are planning a 4 wk trip in mid Dec which I do not see any possibility of u think it's enough time to get done withstep 1 considering I have to start from scratch?


Hi Hamidi,
Please take a look at the strategies page and find my input
[code:1]I studied about 10 hours/day for about 3 months. I accessed Kaplan Q bank step 1 for 1 month where I made an average 75% correct answers and finished the blocks 15 min before regular time. I studied the following books: BRS-Pathology, Physiology, Biochemistry; HY-Anatomy, Behavior Science, Histology, Cellular Biology, Embryology; Clinical Neuroanatomy made ridiculous simple (Goldberg); Lippincot-Pharmacology; Levinson-Microbiology; PreTests - Anatomy&Histology&Cell Biology; UCV - Behavior sciences, Anatomy and of course First aid. I also used the webpath on internet but not too much. Wish all of you to have performance in your study ! [/code:1]
Also please see what other exam takers studied and how they prepared.

I really can't tell you exactly what to study, how many hours, how many pages/day from which book ... because it all depends on your skills, your schedulle, your preferences and other factors as well.

Keep in mind that this is just an exam like many, many other exams we'll have to take!

Have performance!


Thanks, that was helpful grin


dear dr hamidi can i ask you where you living?
if you are living in iran email me.
totally the phycision 's life is full of stress and its not simple
you start ,,,and you can finish that..
good luck


no I live in Arizona USA.
Lved in Iran for 3 1/2 years though
And by the way I am not Iranian grin


Hamidi, I forgot to tell you about this post:

Best whishes!


Thanks.I am in the first stage now.Ordered first aid and trying to buy and get info about books and cd etc.7-8 day /subject routine sound good to me cz usually my brain gets saturated with same kind of info and i lose interest.I think htis'll work for me.Thanks a lot

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