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Whats the diff between male and female pseudohermaphrodism,androgen insensitivity and testicular feminization and pure hermaphrodism?


:shock: Ok, now lets chop it up . . .

female pseudohermaph:

-46 XX = normal female
-normal female internal organs, but externally the genitalia may be ambiguous or may look like male.
-due to exposure of female fetus to excess androgens

male pseudohermaph:

-46 XY = normal male
-testis is present, but may be undecended lying usu. in the peritoneal cavity
-testicular feminization due to mutatin of the androgen receptor (androgen insensitivity)
-so, they have testis, produce testerone, but doesn't work cuz can't hook up w/ receptor

pure hermaph:

-can be 46 XX, 46 XY, 45 X/XY
-ovarian and testicular tissue within same individual
- mixed variation of gonadal sex, and ductal sex
-ambiguous genitalia

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