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 things to take to the exam centre ?  

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hi all i have my exam in some 5 days time. can those few who have taken the exam please let me know what all to take to the exam.

what i already know is

1 photo ID (passport in my case)
scheduling permit
confirmation letter ?
white coat + -
steth + -
own food + -

is there anything else ?


Hi. When u get to the center u show them ur id (in ur case ur passport) then they'll take both ur scheduling permit and confrimation notice from u. They'll give u ur preassigned number (b/w 1 - 24) and show u into the waiting room. In the waiting room they tell u the things u are allowed to carry. You are only allowed to carry ur id and money on u during the exam. If u bring any food, drinks or medicine ur allowed to keep that at your desk and u can get them during the breaks. EVERYTHING ELSE including wallets, keys, handkerchiefs, books, pens, etc get locked up in a room from the begining of the exam till the very end.

So to answer ur question:
The only things you HAVE to bring are your id, scheduling permit and confirmation notice.

You should bring your own steth and wardcoat. They'll ask u if u need one when u get there but I think its better u bring your own so u don't worry about it. You should also bring any meds you might need.

You can bring your own food and drinks if you have a particular preference but they'll be plenty of food and stuff to drink there during both breaks.

There's really nothing else. Good luck


moneeba u can go to iwa on ecfmg site and reprint your permit if u havent yet.

thanks jazmil...seems like u have recently joined the forum. when did ya take ur cs ?


@ motorola

I took it 3wks ago in Atlanta. I already have step 1 under my belt and I'm getting ready for ck. I've been coming to the forum for a long time but i only registered last year. I don't really post that much though.


well my friend printed both the confirmation letter and the scheduling permit. the secretary took the scheduling permit. the proctor took the confirmation letter. he said that there was alot of food and drinks although he wished he had more mints with him that he would leave at his table. they wanted him to carried his passport and cash with him in his pockets as well. in case there was a fire or something. but the rest was locked in a closet-style cabinet. the binder he carried fit. and he said some people had laptops with them but that didnt' fit. but it was just the 24 people plus 6 proctors in the area. and that was it. nothing allowed.

oh and they checked stets as well. he said that the fancy ones were unacceptable. they took away the one with a light at the end of the stet. they gave him a basic one. and white coats with your name is ok, but not with any schools or hospitals listed.


o thank you damsel


oh I am not being able to print out my confirmation letter.........can I take onlythe permit n ID..............please help.................


i am not sure. since the confirmation letter is what was taken from me when i was given my clipboard and pen and number from the proctor. I would either try and print it from somewhere else, or call ECFMG and ask.

good luck


y not ? ask a friend or someone to print it ! sometimes the second page of the confirmation letter doesnt print; thats ok. happened with a couple of my friends. it might be ok if u havent taken the letter but its better to print and take rather than carry the anxiety all the way !


thank you...I got the print out....

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