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 band 3  

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Band3 is a protein from RBC's mbr and its rol is as anion transporter: HCO3-Cl; what is the direction of the transportation?


Near the body Tissue Cells:

Carbon dioxide leaves the cell, diffuses through the interstitial fluid and enters a capillary. Most of it enters an erythrocyte. The erythrocyte contains an enzyme, carbonic anhydrase which catalyses the following reaction:CO2 + H20 ---------> H2CO3 ------------> H+ + HCO3-- . The bicarbonate ion leaves the red blood cell and Cl- goes in RBC to maintain charge balance.

In the Lungs:

the chemical reaction is reversed. The bicarbonate ion reenters the cell (and Cl- goes out of RBC), it combines with the hydrogen ion, forming carbonic acid, which dissociates to form water and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide diffuses across the capillary wall, enters the alveolus, and is exhaled.


It;s perfect your explanation.
I found that band3 is implied without spectrin in some cases of sferocytosis(it's no relationship with the initial q, but ...).

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