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 100 CCS rules for step 3  

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because glucagon is an antidote for beta blocker...
tht patient needs epinephrine to increase his BP n HR, and if he is on a beta-blocker it will be difficult.
So first stop the beta-blocker's action and then give epinephrine..


I hope I am correctsad


thanks robin, very useful info


yeah drnaik i think u r right, glucagon is an antidote to beta blockers,
and the mechanism by which it does this is increasing second messengers, epinephrine and glucagon have similar second messenger pathways, so glucagon kind of potentiates action of epinephrine, don't remember exactly which molecules are involved




Excellent info Robin smiling face


My favorite:

If you intubate a patient you also have to order "mechanical ventilation" (otherwise the patient will just sit there with a tube in his mouth!)

I am not sure some of these are accurate -- advise every patient on discharge to have a high protein diet? I think simply a low fat diet to everyone on discharge is better.

I like your thought process though.


Thank you for such a good work.

To drems

There is some reason for glucagon administration prior to epinephrine in Px on b-blockers:

Glucagon has been used with some success as a cardiac stimulant for the management of cardiac manifestations (e.g., bradycardia, hypotension, myocardial depression) associated with severe ß-adrenergic blocking agent overdosage or calcium-channel blocking agent overdosage. Glucagon has successfully reversed such manifestations in patients unresponsive to other drugs (e.g., atropine, epinephrine, dopamine, dobutamine), and should be administered early in the management of severe ß-blocker overdosage. Experience in calcium-channel blocker overdosage is more limited, but glucagon (combined with inamrinone in at least one case) has been similarly effective in some patients. AHFS Drug Information 2004


 grin well done

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