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 i hop u will pick it  

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A doctor recieved a patient with shortness of breath . while taking th examination. the patient told him that he was taking 20 ciggretes per day. the doctor brain was pointing to a disease that is due to smoking . he orders some test along with biopsy for histopathology. the histopatogist repoted that there was desrtruction of lung alveolar walls.when the histoptagist was taking slides of that lung tissue.a clinical biochemist was sitting in his room. he requested the histopathologist that he gives some tissue of that lung biopsy . he is working on the biochemical compositon of lung alveolar walls.when biochemist starts research and he concluded that alveolar walls are composed of a protein that gives stretching and compression power . he further concludes that this due to combination of side chains of amino acid present in the poly peptides of protein .side cains of aminoacids formd a residue which gives this property. side chain of aminoacid belong to group

A. aminoacid with nonpolar side chain
B. aminoacis with polar side chain with no charge
C.aminoacid with polar side chain with positive charge
D.aminoacid with polar side chain with negative charge


:shock: what's the answer, and can u explain it pls. thankx

the only thing that's in my mind is surfactant


I think it could be B.
Amino acid with polar gp but no charge.because if it is surfactant I might be polar but Dont think it has any charge


I think the answer is A. it is due to defect in Elatin which contains mostly non-polar amino acids such as Glycin.


Sorry for the wrong spelling.Elastin not Elasin.


i would go with A ...thinking in terms of elastin


can someone give me an eg of polar aa wth no charge?

n polar with positive charge?


Polar AAs with no charge include Serine,Thrionine,Tyrosine,Cysteine,Aspargine and Glutamine.


plzz give correct ans

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