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How many high energy bonds are required for it ?


4 high energy bond are needed for translation: NAMELY:
1GTP in initiation
2 ATPs to make peptide bonds (between AA)-elongation
1GTP for translocation from A to P site

all in all 4


absolutely correct


i am still confused........doesn't one gtp get used during elongation when a new amino acid is attched to the site"A"..... :roll:
:?: ........wouldn't that make it 5 energy bonds...though i know the total is 4???


its 2 ATPs used in elongation (to make peptide bonds between amino acids),this 2 ATps came from activation of amioacyl tRNA.
It's in Biochem Kaplan.
I know, its really confusing at times :roll:


its correct , 4 high energy bonds r used
but GTP used in initiation is not included in AA
all the 4 bonds r used only in elongation.....( 3 steps in elongation)
1 GTP for t-RNA binding in A site
2 bonds from aminoacyl activation
1 GTP for elongation
so never confuse the GTP used in initiaton


hmm.......i guess that makes sense now....
however the total amount of energy we consider used is 4 high energy bonds!
thanks Jayesh.

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