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If a Rinne test shows that bone conduction is better than air conduction in the right ear, the most likely cause of this condition is

A. damaged right cochlear nerve
B. brainstem lesion that affects right cochlear nuclei
C. otitis media on th right
D. a stroke that involves the left primary auditory cortex
E. a superior olivary complex lesion on the left


Hehehehe, I thought I was in the physio forum smiling face

Going back to your question, I hope I don't get chopped off but think the answer is C.
Reasoning? I think if Air>Bone, it's either normal or neural deficit (presbycusis, schwannoma etc). But if Bone>Air, then it's either some type of blockage (ie, cerum), infection (otitis media); or otosclerosis.


yes it is C ..conduction deafness smiling face



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