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 Young women  

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A 29 y/o African woman complains about fever, weight loss , joint pain and depression. Her history is positive of TB treatment two years ago.
Examination reveals a malar rash, and a palor.
Her Ht is 29 and she has RBC cast on urine analysis.
What is the most likely diagnosis?
A- TB reactivation
B- Drug-induced lupus




B. did the INH cause the drug induced lupus?


its b


its seems like drug induce lupus but drug inducse lupus rarely involve kidneys and its appearance after 2yrs after tb tx seems unlikely and i think its a distractor in the qs

reactivation of tb mostly take place in lungs and not involves joints(usually) and and kidneys as often as primarily in lungs.

so after the exclusion i left with the SLE.

so my answer is SLE


I agree with you Zaki.


Zaki is right that drug-induced lupus rarely affects the kidneys.

I'll be curious to hear the answer.

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