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 female doc deal with female SP  

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I' m confused with CVS and resp examination in a female SP by a female candidate.

Is it okay to have her untie gown completely till upper abdomen when supine with the undergarment (bra)on ?? or should we squeak our steth thru on the skin underneath the gown and around the bra without exposing her in her bra as male docs are suggested to follow.

Plz throw light.confused


same rule applies-weather u r Male or female


yes u HAVE to untie the gown and bring it down, you absolutely CANNOT examine through the gown. FA and other notes are very clear bout this. bra stays on. examination techniques should not differ whether u r a male or female doc. everything has to be standardised and remember if u feel awkward...u r gonna pass the awkwardness to the SP. be comfortable like you do it everyday and they'll be comfortable like they do it everyday. but do cover back as soon as u r done and uncover only as much as required.


I think we should use common sense here. In medical field there is no such thing as male doctor or female doctor or male patient or female patient. Sex doesn't count, at least in US I think so, though it does in my part of the world. From my judgement it doesn't make a difference whether its male/female/hermaphrodite I would treat my patient all alike. I would take consent before untying gown and examine and tie it back when i am done. I will never examine through the gown, very clearly mentioned in UW and FA.


truely said oldkido!!
u hav to examine each SP male or female b untying gown and then examining and tying back....

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