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 MC site of Ectopic and Rupture  

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What is the most common site of ectopic pregnancy?
A. Infundibulum
B. Ampulla
C. Isthmus

What is the most common site of RUPTURED ectopic pregnancy?
A. Infundibulum
B. Ampulla
C. Isthmus

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ampulla for both
isthmus = longest duratn of ectopic
infundibular , more likely tubal abortion.


Most Common site: Ampulla
Most common site for rupture: Isthmus -because it has a thick muscularis, is narrow, inflexible and rigid.

97% of ectopic pregnancies occur in the Fallopian tube. 80% of these occur in the ampulla region of the tube. About 10% occur in the isthmus region and about 5% in the infundibulum region. Only about 3% occur in the interstitial portion of the Fallopian tube.

The most frequent type of ectopic pregnancy is the tubal variety, which can be particularly dangerous to the mother if it involves implantation in the narrow portion of the tube near the uterus called the isthmus, rather than the larger, more expandable ampulla or infundibulum. This is because as the fertilized egg attempts to grow and divide, the isthmus attempts to stretch but is so narrow and inflexible that it soon ruptures, causing profuse internal hemorrhaging that can lead to death. Tubal rupture may also occur when the ovum is implanted in other regions of the uterine tube, but at a lower rate of incidence since the longer amount of time it takes to occur means that there is a better chance that the condition will be recognized before the tube becomes physically damaged.


Hello everyone, Cho can you say about an ectopic pregnancy? I have already read many articles.

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