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The wife of a 48-year-old male patient brings him to the emergency room and says that his memory has progressively gotten worse over the last several years. She also says his personality has been changing. The physician notes abnormal writhing movements of the man's limbs and hyperreactive reflexes. MRI reveals a loss of volume in the neostriatum and cortex.

This disease is inherited via an

A. Autosomal Dominant trait
B. Autosomal Recessive trait
C. X-linked Dominant trait
D. X-linked Recessive trait


Autosomal dominant disorder. Sounds like huntington's disease?


most probably A.

even we dont know the exact dis. by the structre problem and late age of onset suggest AD




The correct answer is A.

This patient has Huntington's disease, which has autosomal dominant inheritance. It is characterized by severe degeneration of the caudate nucleus along with degenerative changes in the putamen and cortex. In addition to chorea, these patients frequently suffer from athetoid (writhing) movements, progressive dementia, and behavioral disorders.

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