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 typing PN  

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hey, i seem to be slow in writing and so i am having a prob in finishing the PN in 10 mins. infact i take a whole 10 mins to write it out and so was wondering if i can type it. does anyone know how many characters is the limit so that i know how many words we can type in and thus gauge if i should stick to writing the PN or typing it.
ps:typing is so much more fastersmiling face
thanks to all and good luck.


go to the usmle website or cd and practice typing your PN on the template there... its fully functional.... just can't save it... this way you can guage whether typing or writing is better for you...


thanks cocacola, i did that but the usmle cd says that real exam patient note in the computer might vary with respect to the amount of space of characters. so i am wondering how many lines/characters are there to type in.


Rock am sure u'll be fin ein the test that's how i was. At least u won't have a typo on paper. sticking out tongue Good luck.


thanks mytimesmiling face


I typed my notes and I think it is more secure since that way you can be sure that they will understand you (I have a terrible handwritting).... space is more than enough, you will see a bar that will fill out once you finish up your space in each section, it only happened a couple of times for me since most of the time the space is more then enough...don't worry about it and always use what you think you are faster and more efficient.


thanks a ton GLO MD...i had been practicing on the PN's all day yesterday...i found out i am more quick and efficient when i type the notes(i manage to finish in 8 and 1/2 mins) and i have a v. good hadwriting but its just that i am too slow in writing and so i find it difficult to complete the notes the way i want to in 10 mins...yes, i am that slowsmiling face
ps:i like your quote GLO MD


To me, typing was the better option: faster, legible, can go back and change things...

As for space alloted... i did run out of space a few times when i was typing, but that's because i write a lot, and i probably would have run out of space in those same cases even if i was to hand-write the PN's! So in other words, you have enough space smiling face


smiling facethanks a lot young_doc


Hey guys , everyone says that u have enough space : is it the same as the one allowed on the site ?!!

And do CTRL+C , CTRL+ V , CTRL+Z ( Copy , paste , undo ) work on the real version of the exam

i am really worried abt it .... so please anyone would answer me ???

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