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 thank god,i passed  

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hi, every bodysmiling face
same old story continues here alsowink
i'm a silent viewer of this forum.
took CS on APR 30th.
result updated on JUNE 20th.and red screen shows_our records show that u have already passed the step component.
thank god ,i passedsmiling face
my study aids:first aid,UW
prep time :20 days
exam centre :LA
and i'm an IMG from INDIA.
I'll be happy to answer any q's.


are new graduate? What did you do first in 20 days? (Read everything or start practice immiediately)
Basically I have 20 days left to take the exam, and I am still trying to figure out how to practice.
thank you very much.


Yes, please share with us your prep trip.


Did you write or type the patient note?


hi abanoz,thank you.i'm a 2006 graduate from india.
here is my prep method.
fortunately i had a friend who is also preparing for,we both subscibed to UW and gave a first reading (novel reading type)of it individually.then,we practiced each case in UW in a timed mode.(each time either of us as doctor and other as patient).in that way we practised twice ,of all cases of UW (around 70+).then we quickly went through FA,looking for any different cases not covered in UW.
for first reading--3-4 days.
first practice--7-8 days
2nd practice--5-6 days
FA--2-3 days
final reading(individually)--2-3 days

after completing each case,we discussed about the missing points,DD's etc.
meanwhile i went through USMLETOMD.COM website also.that's a good site to brush up your communication skills.i used many tips from that site.
hope the below link could be useful to u
any q's r welcome,50&cmd=all&Id=129


hi ivonne,
i wrote my patient note



GOOD LUCK for match


thank you vanshitasmiling face


Thanks bhanusupriva and CONGRATULATIONS!


hello, congrates that u cleared.
i want couple of qtions ,am also an img,am taking cs in aug
did u get a neuro case if yes,can u tell how managed time for examination,its seems to be timetaking even though i practice ,any suggestions abt it, i will be thankful


thank you ivonne,hope the is useful to u.

hi sandhya,thank you.for a neuro case i practised as shown in CS video,like doing it quickly in a couple of min.u won't find enough time in exam,that's for,always try to take a good history,and depending on presenting complaint examine the related part first.for ex-confusion,take MMSE first.
and many a time SP's will tell u many complaints,not a single one as we see cases in our preparation aid's.then,better to examine cheif complaint,and also have a look at remaining problems .they need to be fully taken care of.
to tell u exactly,as we prepare we mainly concern about physical exam,but in their mind,majority of their attention will be towards how u r behaving(like showing compassion for their problem),how exactly r u answering their q's,your communication and interpersonal skills.spoken english,etc,.
as u r an img i advice u to check ""
all the best for your exam.


thank you very much for details.
I really appreciate.
I could not even get in this page until now.


thank you abanoz.
all the best and good luck to usmiling face


Congradulation on passing CS

Good luck with your residency !




thank you doc_clotaire and mytime.

i've done with only this step.i need to take CK and step 1.

good luck to you toonodnodnod:




thank you aazad

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