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 what are the auto regulating factors at the level of  

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1- Heart
2- Brain
3- kidney
4- lungs
5- skeletal muscles


1=tissue metabolism(inc by inc cardiac work)
2= :?:
3=changes in arteriolar blood pressure and/or renal blood flow
4=hypoxia(causes vasoconstriction)
5=local metabolites


heart-increased pumping of the heart,increased metab,increased coronary flow

brain -usually P CO2 increase causes vasodilatation&large drop in PO2

skeletal muscle-metabolism&production of vasodilatory metabolites

renal flow-sympathetic stimulation like during hypotension idecreases blood flow

lung-not very good autoregulation here,but inresponse to hypoxia vasoconstriction :roll:


Just about lungs,
whenever there is a decrease in Alveolar PO2, a local vasoconstriction of Pulmonary blood vessels is produced. The result is a lowering of Blood Flow through that lung unit.

page 278 Kaplan notes :wink:



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