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 Passed CS. Experience  

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Hi Guys,
I'd like to post my experience hopefully from the beginning to to the end.
I took Ck in February 2007 and short after receiving the results I started studying for CS but let me tell you it was really difficult for me to understand what the exam is about and I start falling asleep every time I touch the FA. I was wondering if I'll ever be able to make it but I knew that I should make it.So I went with the rhythm of 1 or 2 pages/day ( it's true). I had the opportunity to attend a Kaplan free event and that's where everything begun. I saw a sample of Patient encounter and I also met a study partner and we set up an appointment and start practicing one or twice a week. Iw as impressed to see how my skills improved just by practicing. At night I used to practice 2 or 3 cases with my wife who's a MD too but now involved in a MPH program. I did all the cases from FA and I also had a subscription from UW. They helped me a lot.
I had my exam in Philadelphia I drove to Philly the day before and I arrived to my hotel by 6:00 pm. It was expenive compared to the service offered but i also understood that it was difficult to find a cheaper one since I wanted to be a few miles away from the center. I took a tour of the center by 7:00 pm and believe me that was really helpful cause it's not easy to find a suitable parking lot around the center (down town Philly)So I left my car in the parking lot of the Hotel ( for $ 18 +5) and I left my luggage at the hotel. At least I had peace of mind.
I called a cab and I reached the center at 7:55 am almost everybody has already registered by the time I arrived anyway I wasn't late...
(I forgot I was nicely dressed no doubt about it. I took pictures I can prove it nod grin.
After the orientation The time was coming and...
In my first case even if I made my best to appear assured I was about to forget to wash my hands and I got warned by the SP fortunately I did not touch the SP yet so I pretend that i was just taking a brief look before washing my hands. ( I hope it really worked). I did not do all the expected mess as for a first case and as I proceeded I got more and more confidence so I was be able to complete the 5 first cases without too much difficulties except for the PE in some cases.
I ran out of time in 2 cases did not clearly say the diagnosis in some cases, fail to counsel in some cases.
But I made pretty good intro, the cover the patient and start the history. I showed empathy , offer water when applicable, dim light when Photophobia, and tell the SP every single thing that is being done. I answered to all the challenging Q's my answers were short but they were enough for the SP's.
I Sto it here for today cause I'm sleepy may t be tomorrow I'll be telling more about my experience


If I had to talk about mistakes I think I should be about the PE. Even though what I did in PE was well done but I also skip by mistake some major component in PE in some cases and almost everyday I was asking how these mistake would affect my score. Anyway I think that Everyone should perform a very focus PE just to let the SP the impression that you aware of the system to focus on.
I did my best to close the case even in 30 seconds tried to find simple world to explain the DD ( it's not always easy especially when time is an issue ).So in complicated cases I just said that :" at that point we're not going to take anything for sure but i'm going to order some test so that we have a better idea and when we have the results I'll see you again...."
Then come out of the door .I wrote the PN. I had some concern about my handwriting but I knew that it was also understandable.
After the exam I felt confident but as everyone does I could stop thinking about my mistakes they say it normal....

Suggestions :

1 Know that the exam test your ability to interact with patients , not necessarily your medical knowlegde.

2 Never overestimate the CS exam

3 Practice is the only effective way to pass this exam

4 Allow enough room for mistake ( you will definitely make some) I mean don't stress yourself if fail to ask some Q's or to perform a maneuver.

5 Above all know that you've already do the most important by obtaining your MD degree so this Exam must not drive you crazy.

May God bless you all and good luck to all of you.


Congratulations, nice description.




congrats! Good luck for the future!

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