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 CS taken Jun 11 failed/passed?  

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Heloooo. I'm an IMG or IMS still. I dont know how I dared to take this exam but I did. I had three months of clinical experience in the U.S. which may have been enough, it all depends on the results. who knows? only god.

These are the retarded things I did during my CS:
(1) didn't know how to drape my first patient. So I was just standing there with the sheet in my hand and asked him, "what do i do with this" i think he wanted to crack up but he professionally contained himself.
(2) DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO DO WITH MY FIRST PATIENT, PE wise, who seemed like he had an arthritic condition
(3) got freaked out by my second patient, mother of a sick baby, didn't know what to tell her
(4) didn't do complete physical exams on most of them
(5) forgot to counsel my ONLY smoker who even mentioned that one of her wounds "took forever to heal".
(6) forgot to remeasure the blood pressure after telling a patient i'd do so
(7) said yes to pain meds in a supposed malingerer. didn't realize it until after I came out of the room, at which point, I was kicking myself in the buttocks and the center director gave me my first warning and she said her next step would be to report me to the USMLE.
(8) forgot to put "rectal exam" in a patient's work-up who had blood-streaked bowel movements and family history of colon cancer. I even put CEA serology, but didn't put rectal exam
(9) Forgot to ask an amenorrhea chick if she's been having hot flashes
(10) Forgot to put VMA/HVA workup in a chick with paroxysmal palpitation and sweating... how stupid of me
(11) To a lady who called and asked me about a child's nutritional state and that she's not eating well... i told her to try switching to new foods so the baby doesn't get bored with eating the same thing.
(12) To a young guy with possible Hep B, given his IV drug abuse history, which at that point I didn't put together, I told him that he has nothing to worry about for now....

Given all my ridiculous answers... let's see what the outcome shall be.


This is not MY exam experience. This is actually a combination of a couple of exam experiences. I just took it upon myself to post it here, against their advice.


dont worry honey....hope for a better result...even i too did many mistakes...and waiting for the result which is yet to come in august....

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