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 Passed and here's how !  

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Atlast i got to write my experience. I was waiting for this day . Before telling you how I prepared for CS let me tell you that I passed , ok now u can relax .. ... so u know... what I did WILL WORK! nod

THE SET UP : 2 kids , 5yr and 1yr , + laundryconfused +cookingsad + cleaningrolling eyes + CS preparation.....mad

TIME TAKEN: 1 month.smiling face


1.USMLE WORLD , first aid,(book)

2.Tape recorder , cool

3.Stethoscope, Broken ear budshocked , 1 bed spread for drape , Pen (in place of tuning fork)wink ,

4.Clip board, Copies of Patient notes (blank) from First


My sister had recently given the CS so she gave me a lot of tips , discussed cases on phone .(thank you!)

First I studied all the cases in UW and first aid .

Then I memorised the Differentials.

I practiced on a pillow.

I counselled myself again and again in front of the mirror.

Then, ..ok guys here comes the ..part you have never heard of before ....gringrin

I kept a tape recorder in a room next to a pillow , closed the door ,stuck an instruction note on the door , kept a timer outside the door(my cell phone),

Practiced all the cases , from knocking ,to talking to the pillow and counselling , while the tape recorder recorded my voicecool. I came out and wrote patient notes on the xerox copies of PN s.

Later I listened to the tapes , and sentences ,accent...etc

My 5yr old daughter was my model for examination partgrin . She helped me a lot . The tape recorder was my critic....wink

2 days before my test my mother was with me , I could practice 8 cases each day ..just like the actual exam...


White with reddish pinstripe shirt ( 24$

Grey pants,Charter club (Macys) 52$

Black shoes and black socks ( Payless 32$ he he ..

White lab coat ( my sister's)

Stethoscope(my own)

Perfume ,Lip gloss..grin


Sheraton 280$ (OUCH !) that was a stupid graduation weekend.



Edited by faraym on Jun 22, 2007 - 10:24 AM


coming up next ....... THE EXAM ....


smiling face congratulations

nod GL on your other steps

grin most colorful experience i have ever read


you are so brave. I admire you !!!


Nice explanation grin


Reached the center at 8 a.m .

Went upstairs,showed ID (drivers licence) was given a number ,2 copies ,to attach to the lab coat ...Got a clip board and SPECIAL PENgrin

was asked to sit in a row , while proctors gave instructions.....


Were asked to keep all the belongings in a common locker .

Could carry cash ,ID, Stethoscope,(NO PEN), questions were answered.

Everyone had time to checkout the examination stuff, the bed , the instruments, the water faucet grin, the restroom etc.....

Next , each of us was allotted a case and the drill started and was over in no time.

I got 12 cases WOW cool

All Sp's behave just like real patients, after sometime I forgot they were acting.....

No one was difficult.

I knocked , greeted everyone, showed concern, offered water and tissue where relevant, counselled most of them.....draped as soon as i introduced myself.. didnt shake hand in ER cases and Pain cases...

Couldnt finish one case , so just said .will be back after the test results.....

Edited by faraym on Jun 27, 2007 - 9:04 AM


coming up next TIPS and FAQ s



OK guys ,

1.HIP examination is allowed . I asked that Q there he he .grin..

2.There is a common locker to keep all your belongings ,at your own risk.

3.There are 2 restroomsgrin

4.There are 2 breaks, 1 long and 1 short, eat and use rest room

5.Lunch. We had tuna salad, chicken , turkey, scrambled eggs

Salad, all kinds of bread, tea , coffee, water, fruits , cookies, etc...

6.There is no waiting area for others.

7.The alcohol swabs and tissues are on the sink.

8.The water in the rooms is drinkable.


Will write the TIPS tommorow Iam soo sleepy ...

Please ask any questions (except the casesgrin),will be glad to help....


thank you Huyniid, p4a99 and dncosta.smiling face




congrats faraym! good luck for future exams! another one down!

almost everyone who passed this exam says that while with the SPs it felt like they were with real patients - things just flowed naturally...
i think this is a predictor that you passed the exam!
just my humble assessment!nod


Cograts I think its time to Crack a Party




hey faraym !!!!

CONGRATS ..... best luck for other steps .........


Thank you ,cocacola, drshailu,dermatology,quaidian,sadiq.

Yeah cocacola ,if u think that the SPs are acting then the exam becomes difficult.

One good thing about SPs is that ,they are very ,very predictablenod Most of the time you'll know what's going on ......




CONGRATS, please dont forget about gogetasadsad


thank you asha and GOGETA !

Faraym will never forget GOGETAwink iam not going anywhere ,not yet....


faraym CONGRATULATIONS , your experience make me laugh a lot , how creative mind you have WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWgringringringringringringrin

i will do the same as you did for practice of CS

good n keep good work up

My exam is at end of august.

I m not good at english, Dont have good confidence in communication skill and I will have just 35 days after my CK exam for prep of CS . what you suggest.....

after watching UW view and reading FA n UW I will be able to get good hold of CS exam like communication skill etc ?


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