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A 25 y.o. male is being evaluated for infertiltity. On physical examination, he has bilateral gynecomastia and small firm testes.His extremities are abnormally long. Further evaluation will most likely show which of the following?
Serum LH Serum FSH Serum testosterone Sperm count

a) Decreased Decreased Decreased Decreased

b) nl nl nl None

c) Decreased nl Increased Decreased

d) Increased Increased Decreased Decreased

e) nl Decreased nl Decreased


d) Increased Increased Decreased Decreased << Klinefelter Syn.


nodnodu re right nnl.
In klinefelter Syndrome,the seminiferous tubules are progressively destroyed and hyalinized,causing the testes to be small and firm.Serum inhibin levels are drecreased as a result of the damage to seminiferous.The interstitial Leydig cells are damaged as well resulting in low Testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction.
Because of the low circulating levels of testosterone and Inhibin, LH and FSH are ELEVATED (due to loss of feedback inhibition).
The hypogonadism causes epiphyseal fusion to be delayed hence the elongated limbs.
Most patient with this syndrome are infertile.


yes, D

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