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 step to the bedside, 50 questions here  

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hey guys/gals, Im in need of some very urgent help!!/advice!!

Here's the run down:
I've gone throught the course 3x (Kaplan Lecture notes-videos on first read only)
going thru FA now with 3rd read ,after each topic i peruse FA
heard Goljan audio once several months back
going through Qbank online (done abt . 70% q's so far) not scoring so great (wud say around 60 %)
and now, am thinking whats the next step:

shud I:

1) buckle down and give the exam in 3 weeks with a quick NBME exam the week b4 (cuz im nearing the point where I feel like i've been studying too long and its now or never--im worried about delaying too much since I might forget some detailed facts as I prolong it!!)

2) Go throught the course again(consolidate more) and review FA, Qbank again from A-Z(despite the fact that im loosing motivation and am now feeling like i've run out of steam + deal with personal relations harrasing me to hurry it on up!!)

3) should I sign up for more q's such as the one's from Usmle World (which I have not/never/ looked at!) and go through Qbank once again(im gettin to the point where i think i've memorized some of the q's!!) and the long hrs of Goljan audio---in other words keep doing more and more q's till my eyes fall out

4) put my head down and start panicking like a mad man lol!

In summation; when is the point where one feels ready for this STEP 1?? and in my case, when shud I be looking at giving it!?!?!?

i've come to appreciate the advice I've gotten on this forum and Im sure all of you wont let me down in this time of need!

Your promp advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanking every1 in advance!


btw.. this is what I look like nowadays-----> shaking head


oopsss sorry abt that!!

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