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 X-Ray, CT & MRI pictures  

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Acute Epidural Hematoma

Acute Subdural hematoma (CT)

Acute Subdural hematoma (MRI T1)

Acute Subdural hematoma (MRI T2)

Acute Subarachnoid Hematoma (CT and MRI)

Intracerebral Hematoma (CT)


very nice, thank you very much manunastai


Thank you thank you!! I just wish I had found this website sooner! nod


Thanks ! please grow this post and make it sticky!
Make sure all un-copyrighted pictures are posted here

Thanks again




Normal Thoracic X Ray

Haemophilus Influenze Interstitial Pneumonia

Lobar Pneumonia

Primary lung cancer

Lung Metastasis

Lung Abscess

Tension Pneumothorax


Gastric ulcer

Duodenal ulcer

Edited by ManuNastai on Jun 09, 2007 - 9:44 PM. : changed the Haemophilus pneumonia picture


Found a very nice website. Check it out:


Check out this X Ray database:


Awesome! Thank you!


Very good images.nod


Thanks. So nice of you taking your time to help others. I admire you.


the website plus the pics were tooo gud...i am a third year med student....n found them quite usful!!!thankyou


Cerebral infarction, Frontal lobe (CT)

Cerebral infarction, Parietal lobe (CT)

Cerebral infarction, Parietal lobe (MRI)

Cerebral infarction, Occipital lobe (CT)


Multiple sclerosis (MRI)


Great job! Thanx!grin


wink thank you a lot


i think the photo of tension pneumothorax is not right since the lung markings are clear


Thanks a lot manunastai


great images....shaking headshaking head


thanks a lot dude

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