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Now I only have 3.5 months left. I need to manage my time extremely carefully as I work full time and I could only study for 2-3 hours a day. Today's goal is reading high yield cell and molecular biology. I'll update my progress tomorrow.


I'm done with RR and K biochemistry chapter 1 on pharmacokinetics. Will do BRS physiology on renal system.


Need some motivation, please! Can't study anymore! I'm so depressed!


hey Determined2007,

Thanks for stopping by in my journal.

Its natural to feel sad at are working full time,at the same time trying to study for step 1 which we all know requires a lot of hard work.But dont let depression creep into u and spoil ur plans.You are feeling depressed right now...its ok.just push it to the back of ur mind. Say"Depression, you are there and i am aware of it......but you are not more than my dreams and my determination to achieve my dreams." Tell yourself that you are gonna study for 30min only and then you wud deal with your depression.Start studying....and you wud see as you study with dedication, your depresion wud fade away slowly........and you wud be able to study longer......

It is difficult to study with a full time if you are able to manage 2 to 3 hrs make sure you make good use of it wud be a good idea to take abreak from work if you can and study full time till you are done with it.

happy studying.

stay focussed.


Hi determined.I love the fact that you have named your journal Club 99. I feel like a part of it already. sticking out tongue grin

A helpful thing would be to make a plan.See what all do you plan to cover and how many times you need to revise and then go accordingly. When there is limited time, one can feel very over whelmed.But when you stick to a plan you feel more in control.

Good luck.Hope to see you around.


determined 2007 wrote:
Need some motivation, please! Can't study anymore! I'm so depressed!

Best is listen to Dr. Goljan , with out open any books or if like may be RR path , just listen 1st thing in the morning while break fast , any subj, topics of audio of you know, favorite then , you'll never stop listen to him & also will study hard in other subj too.

Hope it works for you .

GL GL GL happy success study to me, sis, bro, friends , all of usnodcoolnod


Also to study 2 to 3 hr after FT job, with or with out rest few min b4 study , may be shower after dinner or walk for 20 min then, if have dvd great to go with then just read . Then in momentum of study , can read without dvd later of study night .

FT with study, always good with dvd though to keep you awake, concentrate .

GL nodcoolnod


Hi Determined2007,

Your name and the title of your journal is inspiring!! So don't let the depression get you! What you are doing is admirable, doing it with a full-time job is a challenge, but KEEP THE FAITH! You CAN do it!

How does your POA look? do keep reachable targets everyday as it is counter-productive if you aim to do too much and you don't get it done....I am guilty of that...

Shwe and I are in love with Goljan...I totally second her suggestion..... I listen to him everyday now!

Good luck! and keep posting your progress here.... we are all watching you grin


Thanks, everyone! You really inspire me! I'll take a break from books and listen to Dr. Goljan's lecture. Good luck with your study too! Yes, never give up!


So what did you cover today?

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