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 GOD has blessed usa........  

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GOD has blessed usa ...........and mafia closed down their intravenous drug business, prostitutes stopped functioning , and all the people pracitsed safe sex all the time...........which one of the following is true regarding HIV in usa....





A? :?:


short term - E
long-term - A




Incidence and prevalence are both time data. You can only speculate a change in incidence and prevalence if there is a specific time given for these measures.

If no time is given then you cant tell, or if these preventive measure just started (which probably the question is showing), then the right answer should be C i.e no change in incidence or pravalence. HOWEVER after sometime, I think the answer should be E, that is no. of new cases would fall and no. of old cases will remain the same.


thsi one is a similar ques, but don knw Y , i feel that the prevalence will remail the same, however the incid will dcrese, as prev can decr only by two ways- death or recovery ..... rememb that disease storage tank in kaplans?

Answer is E


in it there is reduction of risk factors ,so both incidence & prevalence decrease
answer should be A


who has got the ans to this quest ?

pleas come to rescue



incidence has decreased since the use of safer sexual practices but the prevalence has increased too because now less ppl are dyin due to the widely used antivirals.

thus ans=F

just a thought so dont ask for sourcesgrin



HIV is not the disease you can recover from- in spite or all the antivirals hundreds of people die every day-so i guess

both incidence and prevalence would decrease(in fact-with time when all HIV positive people would die-the prevalence is 0)


incidene decreases prevelance stays same


The answer is F.


The number of new cases decrease because the behaviour of homosexual transmission of AIDS have basically drastically decrease and the incidence, new rate actually decrease because of behaviour changes.

So you have to understand in America, AIDS new cases are decreasing because of behaviour changes and use of condoms.

But the pravalence increase due to the use of combined use of AIDS drug to prolong life.

Wrong again to say AIDS patients eventually die of AIDS.

People don;t die of AIDS. They die of complication from AIDS, OI Opportunity infection and AIDS cocktails raises the CD4 count and many AIDS patients no longer take bactrim etc.

So incidence decrease due to homosexual/GAY MEN change their behavior and pravalence increase due to use of AIDS cocktails to prolong lives and the number of AIDS patients increase and they don;t die as fast as before.

I felt very bad in late 1970 and 1980, AIDS patients died like flies. They came in around 5:00 p.m., I took H & P, the next patient, I made rounds, the bed was empty. They died throughout the night.

But now, very few AIDS patients died, very few if they take the AIDS cocktails.


You can not learn medicine from the book, learn medicine from real life


The next morning I made round, the bed was empty ! So the AIDS patient died at night and they died like flies throughout 1980 but slowly drastically in 2006 !


There are a lot of closet AIDS patients. They are my professors, the IT specialist who fixed my computer, and many more.

HIV/AIDS patients live very long life if they take care themselves. So from the time of diagnosis to their death, the number of years prolong relatively and the prevalence increase.

The incidence of HIV/AIDS decrease because gay men change their behaviour and use condoms around 75-90%. There are a slight lack of use of condoms among a high risk group of young gay men in America but the percent is small and they do die around 30 years old and many are in prisons.


The support group and medical care for HIV/AIDS have drastically increase to 1,000 times than in 1980.

There are so many cocktails out there to save HIV/AIDS patients so they don't die and their numbers pile up so the prevalence of the disease increase and their incidence (new cases) decreases due to change of behavior among gay men !


The reality is gay men are Managers, Professors, Ph.D. and prominent scientists, musicians and many more. they are also your waiters too and your hair-stylist and many more.

So this proves HIV/AIDS disease is somewhat under control if they change their behaviour. So the disease goes up among heterosexual men and women because they let their guard down.

I know a lot of gay men live beyond 60 years old.

In the old days in 1980, gay men live to be mid-30 and died because of lack of health care and poor social and medical support and discimination . But now everything has changed in America about the social aspect of HIV/AIDS.


so hguys which one is true....E (which was pretty much my answer but now that I read the reasoning for F...I'm not sure)...or is it F?


When the people start practising safe sex and don't use IV drugs, the incidence will Decrease.

Lets all agree on that part. Half the job is done.

Now lets talk about prevalence. Prevalence is the number of people affected by HIV "the focus here" at one time. This is called point prevalence.

There is another term Period prevalence. Which indicates the number of people that were affected by HIV in a particular length of time, say 1 year.

We have to understand here that we stop adding new cases to the "POOL" when we change people's behaviour, BUT the number of people that are being taken out of this pool by means of death are still there. We may have decreased the rate at which we are removig people from this pool but still the pool is shrinking. Now if the number of people affected by HIV in the "POOL" are decreasing, we are decreasing the point prevalence as well.

So the answer is Prevalence and Incidence BOTH decrease.

The formula P=IxD where




stands correct for Period prevalence. So if we increase the time duration from 1month to 1 year. We can easily think the number of people affected by HIV in 1 year will be more than number of people affected in 1 month.


IF we have no incidence, CAN the number of people affected by HIV in 2055 be more than number of people affected in 2054.

The answer is NO.

At the MAXIMUM it can be equal, if there is no death from HIV in 2054.

The number of people entering 2054 will be the same as the number of people entering 2055, because we did not add any new patient and we didn't let anyone die either.

NOW lets talk about peroid prevalence because some of us might be thinking HIV infection being a chronic disease, its its prevalence should increase with time.

IF you read any notes, they will say that the formula P=IXD is not computational but conceptual. We cannot use this this formula for calculation purposes in HIV.

Where we can use this formula is a short duration diseases, say commen cold. So think about this. What number is bigger, the number of people affected by commen cold in a certain town NYC in january( which would be the period prevalence of commen cold in NYC for january) or the number od people affected in jan, feb martaking it upto 1 year.(Peroid prevalence 1 year)

So the answer once again is That the INCIDENCE and PREVALENCE will DECREASE

Thanks for your time. Corrections are welcome

Edited by docofthebigapple on Jul 03, 2006 - 6:24 AM

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