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 Is Diploid same as Double stranded?  

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In Virology on kaplan notes... Reovirus is double stranded.

1. Is it right to call Reovirus Diploid?raised eyebrow

In Virology on kaplan notes... Retrovirus are Diploid

2. Is it right to call retrovirus double stranded?raised eyebrow

3. What does diploid mean? raised eyebrow

4. What does double stranded mean?raised eyebrow


Double stranded = The virus has two strands of nucleic acid

One strand is positive sense and the other negative sense.

Reovirus is double stranded (not diploid) because it has one positive and one negative strand of RNA.

Diploid = The virus has two strands of nucleic acid and one strand is a copy of the other.

Both strands of Retrovirus are positive sense

Reterovirus is Diploid (not double stranded) because both of its RNA strands are positive.

Hope I could explain and my own concept is correct smiling face . Please someone correct me if I am wrong.


no buudy diploid n double stranded are two diff things
diploid means u have two copies of every chromosome.
in this every chromosome is made of dna or rna.
double stranded dna has two chains of nucleotides connected to each other thru hydrogen bondssmiling face

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