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 ACtion Potential vs. Graded Potential  

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Hi all,
I am new here! I know my question is pretty basic but no text book seems to have addressed it. I see action potential as an extention of graded potential. i.e, graded potential sets off action potential. So, they are really the same. Am I correct?


Graded potential and action potential are different.Graded potential when summated will lead to an action potential.


yea plus graded potential is generated through ligand gated na channels
but action potential is grenerated from voltage gated na channels which is stimulated from graded potential if they did reach the threshold


Tortora and Derrickson Principles of Anatomy and Physiology explains the differences quite clearly.


Well, Graded potentials first of all are NOT action potentials (becareful not to fall for this trick if it was asked) ... Graded potentials when (adequate) enough are the (STIMULUS) for action potentials ...

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