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Hi Folks:
Today I got my result- passed with a score of 89%. Since I had visited this forum and 'Vetan's site' some 3 to 4 times during my preparation, I thought it would be helpful if I chipped in with my 2 cents!

When I started to study, I had already completed my Surgical SubSpecialty residency- so I was hopelessly out of touch from IM, Peds, Psyc and all that good stuff! When I sat down I found myself completely overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the task. It was >6 Yrs. since I passed my Step 2. Then, the following is what I did (and ThankGod it worked)...

Total 12 weeks full-time (Min. 10 Hrs/Day)

[1] Registered for Kaplan Med-Pass- Heavy focus on Kaplan videos. Viewed 3 times making notes in the sidebars of the companion lecture notes.
[2] Did Kaplan Qbook and Qbank twice.
[3] Crush Step3, Swanson - flipped thru- only focusing on important looking points.
[4] Used Kaplan CD and Video, USMLE CD for CCS.

First 10 Wks, studied with expanding focus absorbing all new materials and facts. Last 2 Wks- Strictly No new material- just revisit, roll up and organize everything in your immediate memory. Last day-Relax, Meditate and prepare your mind to take up the task. Have faith in yourself- very fact that you are eligible to take such a test is the proof that you are a smart person. GoodLuck to all of you!


hi: what is kaplan med-path and kaplan video you mentioned? is it for step II or III. please try to elaborate for me.


"Anonymous" wrote:
hi: what is kaplan med-path and kaplan video you mentioned? is it for step II or III. please try to elaborate for me.

:!: MedPass gives you 30 Kaplan center visits. I went thru Step 3 videos. Some topics for which I found that Step-3 tapes were not clear, I referred to Step-2 tapes.


could u please write the "Vetan's site" for me I will really appreciate that


"plzdoc" wrote:
could u please write the "Vetan's site" for me I will really appreciate that

>>> It used to be here:
:?: BUT lately I haven't been able to find it :?:
Collection of CCS cases at:


CONGRATS :!: for passing Step 3 and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!



please, tell me should i postpone the exam if i am getting 55% on all tests?


smiling face hi! congrats for clearing STEP 3.
i want to know the expenses that occured while clearing all the three steps of USMLE- books, exam fees, everything included.
i also want to know how much money(apprx.) you have to spend there for studying in STATES after clearing USMLE.
please reply soon. waiting for your reply.


Do you remember your total score the first time you took the Q-Bank?. My average is 70, I wonder if that is enough. Thank you!


I remember the same story with a different name in the same forum say a year ago. Are you the same man? Previously some one has actually suspected that you are the kaplan agent.This I tell you so that you can remember ......the previous posting.Let me know if you are the same man.....


i dont mean the content etc....
i mean what is it for? Does the ECFMG require it? Or does ur particular hospital require?
ANd at what time during the sequence of STEPS do u have to take it?
i e
Step 1/2CK/2CS/ apply to the match etc.......
where does step 3 fit in?
none of the websites are supplying me with and adequate answer.
maybe u can.
thank u


you need to clear step 3 before joining residency if you want an h1 visa....this is the requirement of INS for a work visa

if you want to settle with j1 or you are lucky enough that you dont need a visa you can take step 3 after joining residency ( anywhere during the residency )

eligibility for step 3 : ecfmg certified ( which means passed step1, step2ck, step2cs, and your documents verified from your med school by ecfmg )....

hope this helps

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