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 How do you make notes using UW  

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Since JAVa applet running UW world does not allow me to minimize do you go about making notes on the material you learn??

Simple thing would be to add in the kaplan notes manually but again most of the question has cross references for e.g.

A question stem can describe many craniofacial and other anomaly and ask for the syndrome (e.g. down, patau, edward, prader-willi)

How to integrate all that information??

I really would like having some kind of note taking ability in notepad format so I can edit it later and tag it along where appropriate in the kaplan books.

I am open to ideas....


May be I should just have two computers...gringringringrin


please share your ideas...this forum is really dead compared to step 1...
I guess everyone is just too busyshaking headshaking head


hey sachida, i usually write down the extra info not given in the kaplan notes in the notes itself or on a stick it note attached to the same page of topic.
i jot down in a note book tke 'extremely imp for usmle 'reviws ,and concepts new to me.
making a flow chart of steps for diagnosis etc also helps.
must say it is time consuming though.


Hi sachida,
I too have the same problem but in the end I decided on the old fashioned paper and pencil- I have a book in which I enter all the new points or HY stuff and ...hopefully one day before I give my step2 I can go thru it grin
As to 2 computers I thought of stranger ideas- a computer and a digi-camera- but then decided what the hell- thats a bit like the xerox notes in medschool- I was obsessed and would xerox every textbook, notes , god knows whatevr I could lay my hands on a few days before the exams but would never actually read anything- so I decided before i set my computer and digicam with a stand in front of it- may be its better that I spend my time reading whats written on the screen than worry about the autofocus and reflections,etc. nod
best of luck for your prep!
I know its not a very useful post but at least you cant say there s no responsesticking out tongue


hi sachida.
well doing UW ive a strange feeling that nthing is actually OUT OF THE BOOK. if u read kaplan well then there r really very few things that r nt in it. wt i do is that i do subject wise n open FA while reading the explanations. when ii find something that is really nt in it i add . but mostly i find everything. its only that while reading teh text only we skip things n while readingg the question n explanations we think that a lot new thing is in there. but u can add on FA so that at teh end u can revise everythingg from one source.
best of luck.


thanks for writing hypomanic and niche
It is safe to assume no body has come up with better idea then age old stickies and pencil notes in kaplan.
I am going to write to usmel world and suggest to include a notepad based tool withing there software allowing us to make notes or copy the related material for future review. I would suggest all of this forum participant to voice their desire... may be it will come true someday


Hi sachida,...

Try these two tricks:

1. download a software kleptomania (search for the download link from google), you can copy any text from any screen using it onto the clipboard

2. use [ctrl] + [PrtSc] key combination on any screen and it will save a .jpg image onto the clipboard.....and to HYPOMANIC,....its exactly like using a digicam...

try these and do tell me ur experiece with it....


cntrl+Prtsc will not work nor any background screen saving programm will work, these shortcuts and print programs have been disabled thru Java I have tried it.


I'm doing UW for the first time, and I'm doing by systems. So when I go over the questions I keep that page open in first aid, and add the notes on the side of the column next to the text already there. If I need more space, then I add in a folded sheet of paper into the FA book.

I find if I do it by system then I won't keep flipping through FA trying to find the right section. Then I'll go back and do UW again timed, and random questions.

hope this helps

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