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Name the only tumor vaccine ?


resan :?:


whats resin:?:


The only Tumor Vaccine on this planet is Hep B vaccine that prevents hepatocellular carcinoma. (indirectly)


"asmi" wrote:
whats resin:?:

""Today, the cancer vaccines are making very promising successes in the prophylaxis and treatment of tumors. This is why the demand of anticancer vaccines in the tumor treatment or in the cancer treatment is increasingly high.
Among the others, the anticancer vaccine - Resan has shown an amazing results in fighting against cancer- from prophylaxis of tumors up to the absolute cure of cancer. The best results have been noticed when used rationally in combination with surgical resection of tumors, thyroxine and gamma interferon.
The cancer vaccine switches on the specific antitumoral immune system which leads to an absolute cure of cancers. The revaccinations are carried out (first one after 1 year and then in every 5-7 years successively) to maintain the acquired anticancer immunity.
The drug can be used as an immunotherapy of cancers: adenocarcinoma, adenocystoma, undifferentiated cancer, sarcoma, neurofibroxanthoma, fibroxanthoma, chondrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, reticulosarcoma, carcinoma, carcinosarcoma; adenoma prostate as well as mastopathy.
In the immunotherapy of cancers, the vaccine is most effective as an antimetastatic drug: especially when used in combination with the surgical treatment of cancers - resection of primary tumor.
A complex immunotherapy is prescribed for the treatment of advanced cancers, especially if the cancer has grown up to the III and IV stages, which includes: the maximum resection of the primary tumor and visible metastases, use of anti-cancer vaccine, use of cytokines, use of thyroid hormones. Among the cytokines the IL-2 and gamma-interferon are used during the complex treatment of the advanced cancers.
The other important moment is that the cancer vaccine - Resan, working as the imitators of tumor antigens, prevents recurrences after the surgical treatment of cancers (malignant tumours) and increases the average life expectancy of patients with late stage cancers.
This anticancer vaccine also prevents malignancy and avoids surgical treatment in a number of cases of benign tumors.
The vaccine triggers mainly the cellular antitumoral immune responses which enable a complete destruction of different malignant and benign tumors.
The vaccine possesses a vast and strong antitumoral properties due to a unique combination of telomerase antigen imitators with more than 40 other tumor specific antigen imitators in its composition. The antigens, which are imitated by the drug, are present in cells of the most common malignant and benign tumors containing fibrotic and glandular tissues.
When the drug is introduced into an organism, a numerous clones of antitumoral lymphocytes are formed. In those cases when thus formed antitumor immunity could achieve a complete destruction of the tumors, relapses do not occur, due to the formation of the immunological memory.

The chances of the complete destruction of a tumor depend on:
1) Number of tumor cells (size of a tumor) and their mitotic activities;
2) Type of tumor- histological structures, antigen structures, the number of HLA-A class molecules on tumor cells;
3) Initial state of the immune system.

In the treatment of the malignant tumors it is most effective as an antimetastatic drug, when used in combination with surgical resection of a primary tumor which, depending on the stage of the cancers, results in to a complete destruction of tumor in 30-90% of cases.
The drug does not render any toxic effect in normal cells of an organism, has no mutagenic and teratogenic effect and does not contain any cells and tissues of tumors. The main components of the vaccine are glycoproteins which imitate particular fragments of tumor antigens.

Latin name of the drug is RESAN. The antitumoral activities of the drug were researched and proved during 1992 - 2003 years. Today, the irony in the cancer world is that in spite of the great need of such drugs, they are practically absent in the medical pharmaceutical markets. ""


thanks alice!
thats pretty good information you gave there!!!
where did you read this?
some book...journel?


thanks for the info alice....but here sunman is correct...UNTIL today its hepatitis B vaccine ,which prevents HCC.

I don't think RESAN is in use ( since i worked as a resident in oncology dept. for good time)


i find these info while i was surfing in net
you are right asmi... In fact, the FDA has not approved these cancer vaccines for use as a standard treatment so far.but i think some clinical trials keep going on for this vaccine

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