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 pt bitten by animal  

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PT WAS bitten by an animal(not high risk for rabies)in the zoo.what is the most important question to ask:
a) duration of bite
b) any disease present in the zoo
c) from where the animal
d) any symptoms happened to the patient right after th bitee


raised eyebrow


I also would ask (C)


how would C help us in managing the pt ?


from where is the animal? domestic, wild, ..?


I have no clue? Just like with the other answers offered?


any disease present in zoo might help in moving forward


c) from where the animal


C is right. Identifying the location of the animal at the zoo would help in monitoring the animal over the next few days. the zoo authorities should be informed to report any notable incidents in the identified animal's health or behavior that could guide furthur mnagement. hope i am clear....


send pt home j/k.......... you need to observe the animal and vaccine can wait


C. btw, what's the correct answer?


this is a weird question. Since the stem directs towards rabies. Then yes if your concerned about rabies. The first thing you do is quarantine the animal for 10 days and monitor for any changes. If there are any, then you kill the animal and do a brain biopsy to confirm the dx.

but there are so many other diseases that animals carry in their saliva, which can transfer to humans if bitten.

I would have picked C


Right, C


b seems logicalsmiling face

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