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 how long?  

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i took my ck in december & scored a 90.i'm planning to take the step 3 on the 2nd of july.
i work full time so will only get 2 hrs daily to study-at the end of an exhausting day! will that do?
for ck i used kaplan notes.i was wondering whether the time frame i have will be enough & what books/material is recommended.
i'd like to score in the 90s for step 3 as well..not aiming for a passing score.
any help would be greatly appreciated


i've also just bought the UW Qbank & would like to know what score in the QBank & CCS correlates with a mid 90s score in the exam


Around 80% on Kaplan Q-bank.nod


thanks.but do u have any idea about the UW QBank?cuz i havent bought kaplan QBank..n r the step 3 or step 2 ck notes better for the step 3 exam?
the step 3 notes seemlike less to do..they're only 2 books as apposed to 4 for the ck notes


I think if you have CK concepts very solid in your brain, you should go for the step 3 books. The test format is different, the aspects of the case asked are different. I know nothing about UW for step 3, sorry... Good luck!wink


Hi arlete annd manisha

I just gave my ck on april 23 and I have my CS in july.So am planning to start preparing for step 3.

Can you plz tell what are those two books for step 3 ,I have only one kaplan step 3 lecture notes which I have downloaded from this forum .



i have heard its uw score + 30 ( the final score) but i am not sure

currently doin uworld but far from good..the questions are tough ..and i hear the exam questions are tougher....god bless the world!!!!shocked

and dr shailu...just check if ur book has 834 pages...mebbe u got all the notes together~!


Thanks for the reply move along.

I have internal medicine notes which has only 499 pages,can you plz tell what are contents in other one.




i got 1 IM book & ! other book with surg-peds-obgy-psy-biostats..basically verything else..i dunno if there's anything else available.


Thanks manisha

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