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 repair cells  

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What are the repairing cells for :

3. wound


CNS : astrocytes
Lungs: type II pneumocytes
wound: fibroblast( lay type III collagen)
Liver : got to find it out :roll:


liver -may not have any repair cells since we can live with only 10%-20% of this organ


What i think is that since liver can regenerate very fast..there should be repairing cells.


I thought the liver has regenerating it by hepatocytes or some other cell?


i think its hepatocytes


no it's not hepatocytes.. There are Ito cells


i think its hepatocytes , not ito cells b/c they are llipocytes and store vitamen A


Late but worth responding to, here is my take on liver regeneration;

Partial hepatectomy leads to proliferation of all populations of cells within the liver, including hepatocytes, biliary epithelial cells and endothelial cells. DNA synthesis is initiated in these cells within 10 to 12 hours after surgery and essentially ceases in about 3 days. Cellular proliferation begins in the periportal region (i.e. around the portal triads) and proceeds toward the centers of lobules. Proliferating hepatocytes initially form clumps, and clumps are soon transformed into classical plates. Similarly, proliferating endothelial cells develop into the type of fenestrated cells typical of those seen in sinusoids.

All liver cells regenerate, so I think it depends on the question but it will be safe to say top on the list are "the hepatocytes"
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