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 exam experience  

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I took the exam at philadelphia centre few days ago. All the proctors were good and helpful. Regarding my preparation I prepared for 3 weeks but the serious preparation was for the last 10 days. Practice is the key for this exam. I used UW for my preparation but I used FA for patient notes and mini cases.
I would like to advice you all to practice as much as you can. Find a study partner and practice.I practised the exam on others and read the theory part by myself.
Even while practising I used to write LIQOR AAA & PAM HUGS FOSS for every patinet and used to write on the side what to to ask.I followed this even in the exam.Though it consumes 1-2 minutes,its worth for it. I practised it as though it was the real exam inluding hand wash and draping.
Digidoc website also helped me in getting the hold of this exam.
I couldn't sleep the day before and I was almost exhausted by the end of the day.
I need to wait for 2 months for my result which is very painful. I have my CK in june ,so now I need to start my preparation again.
I wish good luck to everyone who's going to take this exam. Any questions are welcome!!!


Thank you lakme for sharing your experience. Good luck.

Could you please explain a little bit the setting and stepwise manner how it happens.I know you need to study for ck and cannot waste too much time


Hi Malithahe,

Thanks very much for your wishes. Dont bother about the settings and the process of the exam. Its very convienient and you wont find anything difficult. The rooms and the setup look exactly like the one which is shown in the usmle cd. There is an orientation of the instruments before you start the exam and I found it to be very useful. Just feel free to clear if you have any doubts on how to use those instruments during the orientation. You have a break after the 5th case for 1/2 hr and then the second break after the end of 9th case for 5 min. You will be told about how the exam goes in detail before you start the exam.

Hope I helped you.




I have my Cs coming up in May in philadelphia. Do we get to write on scrap paper when we are asking the patients questions...before we write down our final thoughts on the exam paper. Thank you and Good luck with your results and studying for step 2ck.


Hi DOve

We get a scrap paper on which we can scribble anything regarding the cases. You can also write while taking the history but just make sure to tell the patient that you are going to write down what he/she is telling. Its not necessary but to be on the safer edge just let them know.

Thanks for your wishes



wish you all good luck




Thank you lakme. wish you good luck


hi lakme,

can you tell me where did you stay? how much did it cost you? is it close to the center?

thanks and good luck


Hi Dragonfly,

I stayed in hotel Clarion in NJ. Its 16 miles from the centre. I got it for 50 bucks incl taxes.


wow. you drove all the way from NJ to philly on the exam day??!! how long did it take ?


Its just 16 miles away from the centre as I told you. There was no traffic on that day luckily, so I reached with in 20-25 min. I started from the hotel in the morning around 6:45 and I was there by 7:15 I guess.smiling face


oh nice smiling face anyway i can not do that `cause i have never been to the US and i am not familiar with the routes and lets say the exam day is not the best time to experience new adventures grin

but do you know anything about Hostels in general in the US? are they safe? how come no one is talking about them? `cause in europe when youths travel, they usually stay at student hostels?
any thought on that?

thanks for everythig !!


There are not many hostels in the US. You can check
There are two in Philly. US hostels are not as good (in general) as EU ones, but they are OK. The one in NYC is not bad, especially when you consider the price.

Edited by vradojc1 on Apr 24, 2007 - 7:17 PM


I would not advice you if you are not aware of the routes. I'm sorry I dont know anything about the hostels. Never heard of them. Good Luck for your exam!!!nod BTW when is your exam???rolling eyes


thanx guys for the advice. it is in Aug.


lakme, congratulations.

What open ended and closed ended questions did you use?


Congratulation GOOD LUCK for match


hi ! i am new to all this . can u tell me what means by LIQOR AAA & PAM HUGS FOSS ?


LIQORAAA: usually for pain but can be used for any kind of sympton

Alleviating factors
Aggravating factors
Associated problems (e.g. fever, N/V, sweating, etc.)

and PAM HUGS FOSS is for other aspects of the history:
Past medical/surgical history (PMH/PSH) / Previous episode of such symptoms
Urogenital diseases
GI diseases
Sleep problems
Family history
OB/GYN problems (including menstural history, pregnancies, Papp history)
Sexual history (including contraception, STD risks)
Social history --> SODA : 1- Smoking 2-Occupation 3-Drugs 4-Alcohol (incld. CAGE)

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