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 osteomalacia vs osteoporosis  

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What is the different signs on X ray of both ?

Only by X ray can we differentiate the two disease ?



[B]Definition[/B]Osteoporosis:Bone mass reduced, mineralisation normal Osteomalacia:Bone mass variable, Mineralisation decreases

Age at onset OsteoporosisGenerally elderly and postmenopausal OsteomalaciaAny age

Etiology OsteoporosisIdiopathic, Endocrine abn., inactivity,disuse,alcoholism,calcium deficiency Osteomalacia Vitamin D deficiency, abnormality of vit D pathway, hypophosphatasia syndromes, renal tubular acidosis

Symptoms Osteoporosis Pain referable to site Osteomalacia Generalised bone pain

Signs OsteoporosisTenderness at fracture site OsteomalaciaTenderness at fracture site and generalised tenderness

Radiographic features Osteoporosis Mainly axial skeleton fracture Osteomalacia Often symmetric pseudofractures or completed fracture in appendicular skeleton

Lab tests Serum Calcium & Serum phosphate (normal), Alkaline phosphatase (normal even within 5 days of new fracutre), Urinary Calcium (high or normal), Bone biopsy (tetracycline labels normal)
Osteomalacia Serum Calcium (Low or normal ( high in hypophosphatasia), Serum phosphate (Low or normal), Alk phosphate (Elevated unless hypophosphatasia), Urinary Calcium (Normal or low (high in hypophosphatasia), Bone biopsy (Tetracycline labels abnormal)

Disorder: Specific radiographic clues
osteomalacia: looser zones
: subperiosteal resorption
disseminated multiple myeloma: focal lytic lesions


you are indeed great :idea:

How do you have so much patience to write in detail ?

Thanks a lot


mostly I dont write, I copy and paste from internet site, and then just rearrange it


thank you very much


Yeah, they're all tough customers.

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