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 confused :/  

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Are the non obligate aerobes also facultative anaerobs too confused

like corynebacterium listeria neisseria...aerobs and bc they are not obligate ones... can they switch???

maybe this is an unimportant detail for the exam rolling eyes


no replies?? seems everybody's confused grin


obligate aerobes : need oxygen and can't live without it (can't live in anaerobic conditions)

microaerophilic : requires low oxygen concentration for growth

facultative anaerobes : live as aerobes (use oxygen) and in can survive as anaerobes in anaerobic conditions when there is not oxygen

obligate anaerobes : can live only in anaerobic conditions and the presence of oxygen actually kill them (oxygen is toxic for them).

feel free to correct me wink


yeaa Asherif Im ok with this info...what I wanna be sure about is ...can all aerobs switch to being a fac anaerob ? cuz in the books only ebterobactericea,vibriocea and pasteurellacea r expressed to be fac anaerobs and nothings mentioned on gr (+) and (-) aerobs except for the obligate ones ( pseudomonas ,mycobacterium , nocardia and bacillus )

thanx for your time asherif smiling face


I mean what I want a YES or NO to is : can normal non obligate aerobes switch???

Im a brain worm soooowiiieee grin


Do you mean something like they have a meeting and decide one day to grow under different conditions? Does this make sense to you?

Read asherif's explanation again and again.

Bugs are what they are. If they only grow anaerobically (strict anaerobe) on Wed. then they will only grow anaerobically on Friday. How they grow is part of their definition. Ps. aeruginosa will not grow anaerobically. We use it as a bug to test our anaerobic chambers to make sure air does not leak into them. We plate half the plate with a Clostridium and the other half with a Ps. aeruginosa. If the Pseudo grows after overnight incubation in the anaerobic chamber we know that something is not right with the atmosphere in the chamber. We look for growth of the Clostridium only.

Please define a "non-obligate aerobe." This is not a term used in micro books. There are "obligate aerobes" and "facultative anaerobes" but not "non-obligate aerobes." What "non-obligate aerobe" are you referring to? You are not making a lot of sense. Sorry.


Im not referring to anything bacti...Im just trying to understand if an aerob can also grow in anaerob conditions if its not an obligate one sad like for example corynebacterium...its aerob..has the enzymes...non fermenter..does that mean it can never grow in anaerob conditions?? Im just confused thats all...

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