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 psychological analysis technique  

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Please list the common psychological analysis techniques in the following categories:
1. IQ.
2. Personality.
3. Mood.
4. Psychosis.

etc. smiling face


IQ: Stanford-Binet, WAIS-R, and some others. Look in older posts -- there are details about age ranges

Personality: MMPI?


Personality also Rorshach,TAT test and Draw a person

Mood-Abnormalities of limbic hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis is seen
Dexamethosone test is use to dx depression
immune system is abnormal

Psychosis - increase dopaminergic,serotonergic ,noradrenergic neurons
enlarged 3rd and lateral ventricles are seen
abnormalities in frontal lobes are seen

Psycotherapy in conjnction with meds is used to RX mood disorders and psychotic disorders

The above and a good psychiatric history are the mainstay, I do not know of specific psychoanalysis techniques for mood or psychotic disorders.

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