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 Good Friday....gets better!  

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Hi everyone. Im starting my USMLE Step 1 preparation and journal today. Im a Psych junior doctor in England and recently been hit by the prospect that I might be unemployed after 3 months! hence, the USMLE! Ive decided that I will apply for the 98Match, which means I should sit my Step1 by June this year. That gives me a good 2 months for Step 1. Not ideal I know, but then life doesnt always present ideal situations as well. Im working full time and would need to take out 6 hours plus from usual working days for this......weekends wuld be a bonus!

I will be posting pretty often as an inspiration to others and myself alike, so that those who are in self doubt, may derive confidence and get better scores in the exam.

By the way, its been more than 10 yrs since I graduated and in the mean time I deviated away from medicine as well. So if I can do it and aim for a good score (90+)....Im sure we all can. Dont lose hope everyone!! Here goes......

Strategy: Kaplan videos for Physio, Biochem and Micro. Kaplan notes for everything else. Goljan notes (500pages) for Path and FA. Should run through Physio and Path in the next 10 days, integrate with FA and begin UW side by side. Will it work?....your guess is as good as mine.

Looking forward to your support and advice.


good plan zeleo - rather an ideal plan - but 2 mths.............seriously, u have to put your life on hold if u want to accomplish your goals in that much time. i'm working full-time too (i'm in the U.S.) and trust me, its been quite a ride trying to work and study, but then, that's just me!!! each person is different - i wish u all the best. if u manage to take this exam in 2 mths, that'll be a big motivational factor for slow-coaches like myself.

by the way, Micro lectures are useless - don't waste your time on those. Physio, Biochem, Beh Sc. and of course Goljan lectures are indispensable.


Thanks for the advice on Micro aim99. You saved me a few extra hours. As you rightly said, every one of them is preciously measured!


hi zeleo,

It is admirable that you are working full time and still are trying to give it your best shot! I can imagine how tiring it is for you. Aim99, thanks for the tip on Micro as I was thinking of watching it.

Although it is rough initially, confidence and consistent effort will pay off. Even if one day is not as you would have liked it to be, just look forward and plod on.

Making a realistic plan: on paper with dates and topics/disciplines to cover helped me a lot. It might help you too.

So good luck and know that we will all be here to cheer you on! It is definitely inspiring for me, so do continue to post your progress as I am very slow and need to buck up!


Just check out this thread:

Very motivating!


Thanks Acintya. Thats a very inspiring post from someone who was in almost similar circumstances as me.

We were nice and cushy here in the UK when quite suddenly our contracts were cut short and we are facing unemployment in 3 months time. So its a dire time for all of us and dire circumstances require dire measures! Thats the motivation behind my exam prep.

I have started with Kaplan Physio DVDs today and done bits of general physio and started a few systems. Will update you all on my progress.

Good luck!


hi zeleo74! i'm rooting for you to succeed. i'm sure if you put your mind to it you can do it. i plan to take it in june as well. Much luck to you and please post your progress. smiling face

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