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 some one like me?  

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im new to this forum . ive been searching through the topics fr a few days just to find out if some one is in my shoes but could nt find out.
i recently did my evaluation exam in canada and scored good in that but then we had to come to us and now i dont knwo where to start. some times i think i should do ck first coz of the similarity of teh content to teh canadian course and some times i feel like i should start with step one. wt should i do..
i will appreciate any kind of help.


Hey star_moon, thanks for stoping by my journal and for your good wishes. I have found very helpful to have all the material for step 1 fresh in my head for step 2ck, and I think that is why I could read the kaplan notes in record time. Maybe in your case taking step 2 ck first is more convenient for the same reasons. If you are aiming to participate in the 2008 match, be smart with your time and check the deadlines to get your scores and apply, but if you are going to wait for match 2009, you have plenty of time to score high. Good luck!


i was thinking to apply fr 2008 match. cant really stay at home any more.its horrible. i hope i can make it. thanks fr teh advice. im checking dates. i think i will have to do everything really quick.
best of luck


Don't worry star_moon. You will do well. Plan ahead and schedule dates. Make a good time table stick to it. I know how horrible to stay at home. I know both of us are in the same boat with kids, but believe me we can save some time to study. You know my baby needs attention all the time and sometimes she doesn't sleep at all during the daytime. So when I'm studying I keep her next to my chair, all the toys around and every five minutes she needs me to smile and talk to her. Life is not easy, but we can achieve things if we work hard. Think about it and make it a drive to study well as I do.Good luck


hi every body.
some one interested in discussing NBME form 2?


hi docniki
thx fr teh reply. its ok with me when ever u wanna discuss it. actually i took it even before starting preperation coz i was nt full informed abt teh nature of teh exam so i just copied all the questions. n now that ive dont almost everything i did them again. i would like to discuss once u do it them or wtevr suits u. my exam is in first week of june

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