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A 44-year-old woman, gravida 4, para 3, at 8 weeks'

gestation comes to the physician for her first prenatal visit. She has mild

nausea and vomiting but no other complaints. Her obstetric history is significant

for three full-term, normal vaginal deliveries of normal infants. She has

no medical or surgical history and takes no medications. Physical examination

reveals an 8-week-sized uterus, but is otherwise unremarkable. She wishes to have chromosomal testing of the fetus and wants to have chorionic villus sampling performed, as she did with her last pregnancy. Compared with amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling may place the patient at greater risk for which of the following?

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A. Fetal Down syndrome

B. Fetal limb defects

C. Fetal neural tube defects

D. Maternal sepsis

E. Mid-second-trimester


Could be (D)
E is somewhat confusing... Any words missing?




Probably E...if the full answer read Mid-Second trimester Fetal Loss. Otherwise the procedure is pretty safe. No other answer fits.


It is B - even if a very debatable answer!

"There have been a number of concerning reports suggesting that CVS may cause limb reduction defects. Since the initial report, there have been many other publications both supporting and refuting this association. It appears as though there may be an association of transverse limb defects with CVS procedures performed very early in gestation. There also may be an association of limb reduction defects with less experienced operators. "


interesting... have not heard of it.... will research and post as I find things out.


got some good information:


...these birth defects were noted mainly when CVS was performed before the 10th week after the last menstrual period.


B--its in Kaplan notes as well...

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