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a 4 year old male child was brought to the ER with complaints of having consumed tablets of an unknown medicine.on examination, patient was pale, apprehensive, febrile,and dehydrated. he has voimted a couple of times in the house after ingestion of tablets.child is gradually getting lethargic, and suddenly developed a seizure.what is the most common cause of poisioning in USA?




Aspirin, but why would the child be febrile if aspiring was taken and there was GI hemorrhage?


LOOK FOR WHAT QUESTION IS ASKING. IT CANT BE SIMPLER THAN THIS. vignette descirbes a poisoning, and in the end , slips in the question, which is the most common poisoning in USA? just recall, yaar!


aspirin is correct


can aspiring poisoning cause febrile? Ok! I think I now get it, it is an uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation... generates heat instead of ATP?lactic acidosis... probably that is why this antipyretic is causing pyrexia!

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