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 blood volume  

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Which of the following vascular structures contains the largest proportion of the total blood volume in a normal individual?

A. Aorta and large arteries

B. Arterioles

C. Capillaries

D. Chambers of the heart

E. Pulmonary vasculature

F. Vena cavae

G. Venules and veins


veins and venules


veins and venules


Venules are small thin-walled vessels that serve to bring blood back to the heart. These vessels are highly distensible and (along with veins) contain a large fraction of the blood volume.
Veins are large diameter thin-walled vessels that bring blood back to heart. They are distensible and (in addition to venules) contain a large fraction of the blood volume.


yes number venules and veins..number2 is pulmonary circulation..remember not all blood vol is circulating.. :P


G. Venules and veins


I think it is the one it has the major transection area, so my answer is ARTERIOLES


Excuse me I meant Capillaries


Its veins and venules......veins are also known as capacitance vessels.....the reason is obvious.The nornal ratio of blood distribution in the vessels in the body is 60% in veins/venules and 40% in arteries and arterioles

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