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 a thoughtful qs  

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1-A girl got sore throat and was treated with penicillin without improvement, after sometime she died with heart problems, what is the cause? a. cocci b. CMV c. coxackie virus.

2- Viruses that carry virion associated polymerase what is the enzyme that is not found in the cytoplasm and this enzyme is used instead? a. DNA dependant DNA polymerase b. DNA dependant RNA polymerase c. RNA dependant RNA polymerase
i guess 1=coxackie
2=???may be c
can anyone explain qs no 2 please


1. C...tricky though.

2. B. Coz they have their own polymerase to do the job.




on another forum people answered it as c i dont know why .
can aanyone explain it al little more thanksrolling eyes

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