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What specific part of the eye is mainly responsible for acute vision ?

a) zonnule of Zinn

b) limbus

c) optic disc

d) macula

e) fovea




maybe e or d confused


KG.................... Choose One Answer,


fovea centralis - within macula, only cones, highest acuity vision




The correct answer is E


The fovea lies slightly below and to one side of the optic disk. It is found in the centre of a shallow depression or pit (the macula). Only cones are present at the fovea, which is an area approximately 0.2 mm in diameter: all other parts of the retina including blood vessels are pushed aside. The cones here have individual connections with the bipolar and ganglion cells, hence the fovea gives us our most sensitive and acute vision.





sorry NNL next time will post one ans only...but i wud have chosn e b/c OKOTB already had chosn d grin cool




ok ok

i thought u were online at that n thinking u will reply but i think u had gone.




yes its E fovea. nodTHe site on the retina where visual acuity is highest is is the fovea centralis, a small depression at the center of a yellowish area ,the macula lutea.REtina in fovea centralis (diameter 5mm)is particualarly thin at this site and contains the largest concentration of cone cells.


definitly fovea.

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