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Hey Guys,
I am a new member of the USMLE forum and im preparing for my qualifying exams for my PhD in Microbiology so I will be flooding this forum with questions...i hope the questions will help you guys in some way too...
a) When u mutate a gene and complement it with the wild type copy...what would you rather use...a low copy plasmid, high copy or integrate the gene into the chromosome and why....i mean what are the potential advantages and disadvantages to each method?

b) What are the major advantages and disadvantages of using Transposon mutagenesis in identification of genes involved in virulence?

c) Does anyone have any good idea pertaining to what bacterial genetics book or website ar useful to understand the genetic concepts of epistasis, suppression, complementation etc.?


OK let me try

a) i will try to use the most stable one. i guess the high copy plasmid may have more chance to loose the gene during replication and the low copy plasmid may give me lower yield. i think i will use the chromosome since it is more stable duing vertical transfer. but i need to know what is the objective of this b/c the answer may differ.

b) transposone may easily integrate due to its insertion sequence but the mutagenesis may not be controlled just for specific region since the transposone may transfer part of the genome while jumping.

c) i don't have that kind of specialized books but i think journals are more useful since these are new applications

i tried my best. i hope that at least 1/4 of my answers is correct and good luck smiling face

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