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 psychological assessment  

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A 50-year-old physician is recovering from aseptic meningitis that began two weeks ago. He appears to have lost considerable cognitive function, and he says he will not go on living if his cognitive ability remains compromised. To demonstrate to him that recovery is occurring, serial evaluations with which of the following psychological assessments is indicated?

A. Halstead-Reitan Battery

B. Stanford Binet Intelligence Test

C. Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale

D. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

E. Wide Range Achievement Test


d) it tests cognitive ability


The correct answer is A. The Halstead-Reitan Battery is a group of tests that reflects the basic and higher level cognitive and neuro-sensory functioning of the entire brain, and can be used in a serial fashion with little learning effect being present. Since there is recovery of function for up to 2 years post CNS-trauma, test results can demonstrate that the present loss the patient is experiencing is not permanent.
The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (choice D) confines its results to intelligence assessment and does not assess more basic issues like aphasia and neuro-sensory skills.




this is a straight lift from kaplan q bank


Wide Range -evaluates achievement in math reading and spelling
Vineland -Can be used to asses mental retardation
Halstead-Reitan-can evaluate effects of brain lesions
The other two test are I.Q. tests


thanks good q

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