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 gastro q  

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Hi guys!

I created some q regarding to gastroenterits. Pls tell me the most likely organism:

1/ Children with large volume, watery stools, no fever, no leu and no blood in stool
2/ Adult after ingesting a reheated rice
3/ 45 y woman on the 7th day of her cholecystectomy with fever, bloody stool
4/ gastroenteritis after ingestion of canned food with CNS involvment
5/ Children with elevated se BUN, low platelet, and a low hct
6/ 50 y man travelled to India
7/ 40 y man eating a Gulf - Coast shellfish
8/ 26y w developing fever, diarrhea with pos Wright test in the stool. Hx of bathing in a public swimming pool 2 days ago.

Also 1st line of tx:

1/ Clostridium difficile
2/ E.coli
3/ Shigella
4/ Campylobacter jejuni
5/ Yersinia enterocolica
6/ Vibrio cholerae


can anyone correct me where i'm wrong..

2..bacillus cereus botulism

4..hemolytic uremic synd


6..vibrio parahemolyticus

7..exactly not coming in my mind...may be protozoan..en. histolytica or giardia

1st line of Rx
1..metro or vanco






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