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 nbme abuse right  

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35. A 2325-g (5 lb 2 oz) male newborn is delivered
at 33 weeks'
gestation; Apgar scores are 7 and 8 at 1 and 5
minutes, respectively. The
13-year-old mother had no prenatal care and did not
know how much
weight she gained. During the pregnancy, the mother
smoked marijuana and
took over-the-counter vitamins occasionally; she did
not drink alcohol
and had no illness except for an upper respiratory
tract infection 4
months ago. She did not know she was pregnant until 2
weeks ago; her
family is unaware of her condition. She has had one
sexual partner. During
the hospital stay, the newborn and his mother have no
The newborn is at greatest risk for morbidity and
mortality from which
of the following?

) Child abuse

) Congenital syphilis

) Hypocalcemia

) Lead poisoning

) Seizures


A---> Child abuse

high risk of negligence


sounds like child abuse

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