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 2-year-old child  

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A 2-year-old child has had three episodes of pneumonia and two episodes of otitis media. All the infections were demonstrated to be pneumococcal. Which of the following disorders is most likely to be the cause?

A) An isolated transient T-cell deficiency

B) A combined T- and B-cell deficiency

C) A B-cell deficiency

D) Transient anemia

E) The child has AIDS.






C. The cause for the described case history is very likely due to B-cell deficiency, which is characterized by recurrent bacterial infections leading to otitis media and pneumonia.

Answer A T-cell deficiency would usually result in viral, fungal, and protozoal infections.

The same is true for Answer B combined T- and B-cell deficiency.

Answer D (transient anemia) is irrelevant in this case��" anemia is not generally associated with increased infections.

It is unlikely that with a history of only pneumococcal infections the child would have AIDS. The latter syndrome is associated more with characteristic infections such as with Pneumocystis carinii and various viral infections.


According to goljan 100 pgs....most common inf in early hiv will be strep pneumo.other manifestation comes when CD count starts decreasing.

my choice would be child would have AIDS


C) A B-cell deficiency

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