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 Genetics 6  

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Which of the following causes a gene mutation with decreased protein production?



C. Point mutation




raised eyebrow


shaking head


Not B???


Major Mistake Sorry KG i mistyped the smiley i thought i was answering to something else UR ANSWER IS COMPLETELY RIGHT I WUD have not Seen it if Jole hadnt answered it. Man i M so sorry, Thanks to Jole for pointing out my mistake again.

The Correct Answer is B

With a nonsense mutation, the new nucleotide changes a codon that specified an amino acid to one of the STOP codons (TAA, TAG, or TGA). Therefore, translation of the messenger RNA transcribed from this mutant gene will stop prematurely. The earlier in the gene that this occurs, the more truncated the protein product and the more likely that it will be unable to function.

With a missense mutation, the new nucleotide alters the codon so as to produce an altered amino acid in the protein product


What abt c? raised eyebrow
Can't a point mutation be a nonsense?? raised eyebrow

but i guess the single best ans still remains B wink

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